John Keegan

Deputy Director, Head of Digital Security, DWP Digital

John Keegan, Deputy Director, Head of Digital Security at DWP Digital, is transforming how the department protects digital services from cyber threats.

John joined the department as Head of Infrastructure Services in June 2016. Following this he was Head of Production Engineering, establishing an SRE function, before merging this function into Hybrid Cloud Services. John then led a programme to bring in-house hosting and desktop services from managed service providers. Since 2021 John has led the Adaptive Security Programme to improve cyber security controls based on the NIST-CSF (Cyber Security Framework) as well as leading the Digital Security function.

John has established a reputation for being a resourceful, innovative, and highly skilled technical and security leader with over 30 years’ experience in ICT and security; he has built his portfolio from a solid hands-on technical delivery basis through to established business leaders. John holds a range of industry technical certifications including CEng MIET, Cisco CCIE, CISSP and NIST-CSF Practitioner.

Prior to joining DWP Digital, John held various leadership roles within Fujitsu and British Telecom