Jonathan Stoker

Cyber Resilience Coordinator, Durham Constabulary

DC Jonathan Stoker is the Cyber Resilience Coordinator for Durham Constabulary. He was one of the first UK’s Cyber investigators, carrying out this role from 2015, through this work Jonathan’s reputation saw him asked to be a digital policing subject matter expert or the College of Policing and also a qualified trainer and advisor for Police Scotland’s Digital Data and Skills Academy and is an sits on the Executive Board for the Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation professionals,  assisting in providing confidence and capability to front line policing. For his efforts Jonathan was the winner of the CIISec Award at the 2022 National Cyber Awards.

More recently Jonathan has moved to the Cyber & Info Sec arena, playing is part in putting Durham Constabulary, its partners and stakeholders in a better position to identify, understand and tackle threats against themselves. He is the Cyber SPOC for the Durham Local Resilience Forum and the Vice Chair for the NE Regional Cyber Group, a collective of cyber stakeholders.